Van drivers ‘feel responsible’ for delivering Christmas

Van drivers feel pressure to deliver Christmas

If it’s not Father Christmas sliding down your chimney and putting presents under your tree, who is it? We hate to disappoint, but very often it’s van drivers. Many face tight schedules to deliver gifts for Christmas, and are feeling the pressure.

Indeed, according to new research, 95 percent of drivers feel directly responsible for making sure the Christmas period happens without a hitch.

One in five will spend 40 hours working away over Christmas. That amounts to four extra hours per driver, per week, to deliver an estimated 100 million parcels in December alone. The extra workload is largely thought to be due to online shopping.

How technology helps UK van driversVan drivers feel pressure to deliver Christmas

Mercedes-Benz Vans surveyed more than 2,000 van drivers, with 36 percent saying technology was essential for them to deliver on time.

Forty-two percent use it to manage their workload, while 44 percent use it to stay connected.

As for the future, 54 percent believe that improved tech will be the biggest driver of growth in their business over the next year. 

Van drivers feel pressure to deliver Christmas

“We’re so lucky that the nations’ hardworking van community gives Father Christmas such a helping hand this time of year,” said Steve Bridge, managing director of Mercedes-Benz Vans UK.

“But with the longer hours and increased pressure, we also need to make sure that they all feel supported and that we express our gratitude to them.”

“From fixing broken central heating, to bringing the new cooker for Christmas day lunch, to delivering the perfect presents and food, to ferrying around revellers on a festive night out, our UK van community works tirelessly to keep us all moving, especially at this time of year, and for that, we salute you all – thank you for all you do.”

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