2019 Sutton Monster Raptor CS520

Upgraded Monster Raptor pickup makes London show debut

2019 Sutton Monster Raptor CS520A modified version of the high-performance Ford Raptor pickup truck is one of the modern stars of the 2019 London Classic Car Show.

The intimidating Monster Raptor CS520 is the work of Clive Sutton, the London-based coachbuilder, modifier, and performance car dealership.

Intended to demonstrate that even a machine as impressive as the Raptor can be improved upon, the CS520 is the latest in a line of upgraded Ford Performance offerings from the firm.

What’s that coming over the hill?

2019 Sutton Monster Raptor CS520The latest Ford F-150 Raptor has proven to be a hit with extreme off-road enthusiasts, despite it ditching a V8 engine for the modern 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 unit.

However, switching to an engine with forced induction has clear benefits, not least when it comes to extracting more horsepower. Although few would have found the standard 450 horsepower Raptor to be lacking in grunt, Sutton takes this to a considerable 520 horsepower in the Monster Raptor.

Torque also increases to a muscular 515lb-ft of torque, all thanks to an uprated Whipple intercooler and a remap of the engine’s ECU.

In testing, Sutton claims it makes the giant Monster Raptor CS520 capable of a 0-60 mph sprint in a hot hatch-baiting 5.1 seconds!

Sitting on the right side

2019 Sutton Monster Raptor CS520Sutton became the first company to start importing F-150 Raptors with right-hand drive conversions in 2018. The Monster Raptor CS520 is no different, meaning UK Fast Ford fans will avoid the awkwardness of piloting a sizeable left-hand drive machine.

Importing a Raptor, converting it to right-hand drive, and upgrading it to Monster CS520 specification is not a cheap process.

With each Monster Raptor able to be tailored to the exact desires of an individual customer, prices begin at £107,000 and rise to £125,000, excluding VAT. For comparison, a regular Ford F-150 Raptor retails for just $54,450 (£42,500) in the United States.

1967 Sutton Mustang GT500CS

Sutton is also using the London Classic Car Show to display a variety of modified Ford Mustangs, including a ‘restomod’ 1967 GT500, plus enhanced versions of the latest UK-spec Mustang.

With a variety of tuning options available, Sutton is able to create modern Mustangs producing in excess of 800 horsepower.

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