DVLA tax systems offline

Why you are UNABLE to tax a car this weekend

DVLA tax systems offline

The DVLA is warning motorists that they will be unable to tax their vehicle online, by phone or at a Post Office this weekend, as most of its services are taken offline.

Essential systems maintenance means new car buyers will be forced to wait before they can drive their car home – so you might want to plan ahead.

The services, including the contact centre, will be unavailable from 3pm on Friday 17 August until 6am Monday 20 August (8am for the contact centre). During this period, it will not be possible to tax a car.

As the DVLA points out: “It’s against the law to drive an untaxed vehicle on the road. If you buy a car during this weekend you won’t be able to tax it until 6am on Monday 20 August.”

Tax can no longer be transferred to the new owner

It is no longer possible to carry over any remaining months on the tax ‘disc’, and the seller is unable to transfer any ‘unused’ Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) to you. Put simply, any car purchased over the weekend will be untaxed.

If the VED doesn’t expire until the end of the month, you’ll be able to tax the car when services return to normal on Monday morning.

Not all services are affected. It will still be possible to view and share your driving licence details with third parties, including hire companies. You can also renew your 10-year photocard driving licence at the Post Office.

For more information, follow the DVLA on Twitter.

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