The ULEZ has got Londoners looking for hybrid cars

Carwow ULEZ hybrid electric car

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone has only been up and running for less than three weeks, but it’s already having an effect on car buyers’ searches.

Figures from Carwow show a 25 percent increase in searches for plug-in hybrids since the start of the month. Not only that, demand for hybrids has leapt by 118 percent versus March 2018.

Quotes for electric cars have also increased 14 percent this month, while searches for conventional hybrids have gone up six percent. Compared with March of last year, searches for electric vehicles have increased 56 percent.

It shows the ULEZ is changing the way London drivers want their cars to be powered.

You don’t need a hybrid to beat the ULEZ

Carwow ULEZ hybrid electric car

Many cars are, in fact, compliant with the Ultra Low Emissions Zone. Any petrol car up to Euro 4 emissions standard or more (all models registered from 2005 onwards) is allowed in free.

Diesels need to be a bit newer, with only Euro 6 (2015 onwards) vehicles meeting the criteria. Of course, being ULEZ-compliant doesn’t mean your car is Congestion Charge exempt…

Drivers in London whose cars aren’t ULEZ-compliant could face an annual fee of up to £4,562. At the very least, that warrants getting the calculator out and doing a few searches online.

A list of top-five searches from Carwow reveals Toyota in first and second place with hybrid versions of its C-HR and RAV4. The Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen e-Golf electric cars are third and fourth, while the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is fifth.