UKIP pledges to scrap road tax for classic cars

UKIP pledges to scrap road tax for classic cars

UKIP pledges to scrap road tax for classic cars

UKIP has announced in its manifesto that it wants to scrap vehicle excise duty (VED) for all vehicles over 25 years old.

The political party, led by Nigel Farage, says the move is an attempt ‘to help protect the enduring legacy of the motor industry and our classic and historic vehicles’.

It’s also said it would remove road tolls where possible and only allow speed cameras to be installed in accident black spots and close to schools and residential areas.

HGVs coming into the UK from Europe would be hit with a levy of up to £2,000 under UKIP’s manifesto – giving UK hauliers a chance to compete with lorries travelling from the continent.

The party says foreign registered HGVs are at an unfair advantage due to cheaper fuel prices in Europe – but it hasn’t said whether duties on petrol and diesel in the UK would change.

Lib Dems want all petrol and diesel cars banned by 2040

Meanwhile, the Lib Dems announced in the manifesto today that they want all cars banned from the roads by 2040, apart from ultra-low emission vehicles (emitting less than 75g/km CO2) and those used to transport goods.

In its manifesto, the party pledged to ‘work with industry to accelerate the commercial introduction of zero emission fuel cell electric vehicles, and facilitate the UK-wide introduction of hydrogen fuelling infrastructure’.

It said they would also look into upgrading the UK’s road network to cater for driverless vehicles.

Road tax would also be restructured to encourage reductions in CO2 emissions – and diesel cars would be taxed differently to petrols.

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