Tractors: now legally faster

UK speed limits increasing from spring 2015… for tractors!

Tractors: now legally fasterThe Department for Transport has announced it’ll be raising the 20mph speed limit for tractors on UK roads to 25mph from spring 2015.

At the same time, the maximum weight limit for tractors and trailers will be increased from 24.36 to 31 tonnes.

The rule changes are expected to give the farming industry a £62 million boost – farmers allowed to transport more cargo at speeder times should mean less journeys will be required.

This should also help to reduce congestion in rural areas.

Transport minister Claire Perry said: “Britain’s farmers have long suffered under out-dated rules which simply have not kept up with today’s technology.

“Helping our farmers is a crucial part of the government’s long-term economic plan and updating the rules to better reflect the capabilities of modern machinery will boost the efficiency of the farming sector and the economy.”

As part of the new regulations, the government has also said it will consider a roadworthiness test for tractors and trailers.

Currently, if a tractor is only used for local journeys and spends most of its time off road, it does not need to pass a formal MOT test.

Farmers can be penalised under health and safety regulations for having an unroadworthy tractor, however.

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