UK in a ‘roads crisis’ according to highways workforce

Ford Focus pothole

A number of areas have been identified as focal points for improvement in the highways sector, after research carried out by Re-flow across the UK raised concerns.

The main challenges that are hampering the maintenance of the UK’s roads are, according to highways workers, a lack of effective scheduling and monitoring, too much bureaucracy and poor communication between delivery teams.

Digital technologies are also considered to be under-utilised at present, according to over three-in-four responding workers. As many as 73 percent also agreed that public opinion is important in registering issues and measuring the quality of our roads.

Although issues have been highlighted with the process of road maintenance, the workers have highlighted that coverage of roadway issues is unfairly skewed towards the state of the roads. By comparison, the work that goes into maintaining roads is under-covered.

Road workers fixing a pothole

This comes just days after it was claimed that as much as £15 billion over the course of ten years will be needed to get the UK’s road network on track in terms of manageable maintenance. It’s been claimed before that the UK is in the throes of a pothole epidemic. Sounds a bit worse than ‘roads crisis’ but that’s not exactly ideal…

Still, it’s good to have the views of those on the front line. They do deserve a bit more credit, we reckon…

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