Britain's best biking pets

Revealed: the UK’s favourite motorcycling pets

Britain's best biking pets

“Dogs – and other pets – riding motorbikes is absolutely a thing.” That’s how the email about the the UK’s ultimate motorcycling pet began. Well, it certainly grabbed our attention. Don’t worry, though, these animals aren’t actually controlling the bikes…

So, what’s the story? Devitt Insurance Services ran a competition for Britain’s ultimate biking pet. This came following a survey by the company to discover the UK public’s attitude toward motorcyclists. The results were fairly damning: less than one percent of road users thought of bikers as friendly and only two percent considered them approachable.

The competition attracted 50 entries, with dogs, cats and even a few reptiles all considered. All in, 6,000 votes were cast.

Britain's best biking pets

Amazingly, the top two contestants secured more thanb 4,000 of those votes. The winning canine was Motorbike Milly from Glasgow, who secured 2,149 votes. That was just over 200 more than second-placer Teddy the Welshie from Gwynedd, with 1,943 votes. British pets, up your biking game…

“It’s been wonderful to see so many people, not only enter their pets, but also to cast votes for their favourite dog,” said Tom Warsop, Head of Marketing at Devitt.

“We have received thousands of votes, not to mention comments and photos from animal lovers across the country. We’d like to congratulate Milly on becoming our first Biking Buddy and are proud to announce a second Biking Buddies competition will take place next year.”

The moral of the story

Britain's best biking pets

It’s a good bit of fun, this ,but it also serves to remind us that bikers are humans, too – silly, animal-loving humans.

The results of the survey on public perception of motorcyclists are troubling, especially given car-driving motorists are one of the biggest threats to bikers on the road.

We’d do well to bear that humanity in mind when we drive. Next time you think ‘menacing biker’, remember that might be Motorbike Milly’s mum or dad.

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