UK drivers divided over increase in electric car charging points

A survey has found that UK motorists are torn over an EU push to increase the number of electric charging points in the country.

Just over half (56%) think more charging points are needed – reducing range anxiety and encouraging more people to drive an electric car and enjoy all the tax benefits that go with it.

However, 44% of respondents to the survey by Be Wiser Insurance disagree, questioning how green electric cars really are.

In London, particularly, locals are complaining that it’s illogical to provide dedicated parking for electric cars, when over 99% of the population drive a conventional combustion-engined vehicle.

But we’re unlikely to see a large growth in the electric car market, if the infrastructure doesn’t increase at the same time.

The company behind the survey claims that, with the government falling short of EU targets for charging points and clean energy provision, the green agenda has been promoted to the public without the necessary infrastructure in place.

Be Wiser chairman, Mark Bower-Dyke, said: “Potential drivers of electric cars are clearly concerned that they might run out of power due to a lack of charging points, and so they are likely to wait until there are more charging points in place before buying electric cars.

“This slow take up clearly is an issue, however if there is not a significant increase in the number of charging points, it’s unlikely that much is going to change. Local sentiment also needs to be considered if we are going to build a broad consensus.”