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Tyred out: why fast-fit centres are becoming slow-fits

Tyre fitterLess than half of motorists visiting a fast-fit centre are getting their new tyres fitted on the first visit, according to new research from e-commerce firm epyx.

60% of drivers had to make a second visit to get the right tyre – and it’s because there are more brands and sizes of tyre than ever before.

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The figures show that fast-fit centres are now only half as fast as they were 10 years ago.

It’s not the fast-fit centres’ fault though, says the appropriately-named epyx head of business development David Goodyear: it’s simply a reflection of how huge the range of tyres fitted to today’s cars is.

“It would be nearly impossible for a fast-fit centre to carry all the stock needed to cover the majority of the current car parc, such is the diversity of size and manufacturer.”

Not only are there more sizes than ever before, but many premium brands also have bespoke tyres developed especially for them: on cars such as Porsche, BMW and Jaguar, tyres carry a brand-specific identifier on the sidewall denoting the rubber is only for that car.

Enter the franchised dealer, says Goodyear: not traditionally considered an outlet for new tyres, the fact they only have to carry tyres to fit their own range of cars can give them an advantage.

“If they choose to carry a reasonable selection of stock, then they should be able to comfortably beat the first-time-fit figures being achieved by fast fits.”

Do you have experience of a fast-fit fitter being anything but? Have the bespoke tyres of your own car caused you headaches? Do share your experiences with us.

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