Two wheels or four? Audi offer offers the choice


Have you seen Audi’s latest TV ad campaign? It shows a variety of the firm’s models battling against everything from wet leaves to the ‘wrong kind of snow’.

Essentially, the message is clear: our cars do bad weather better than BMW’s.

So if you’ve been persuaded that Audi’s quattro all-wheel-drive system is going to be essential for tackling UK roads this winter, you’ll be pleased to know the company is offering some pretty good deals on its A4.

For £315 a month you can buy yourself a choice A4 saloon 2.0 TDI 177hp SE Technik quattro – Audi will even put £4250 towards the deposit.

However… if you decide the four-wheel-drive gubbins is unnecessary and you’ll stick some winter tyres on instead, you can buy a FWD version for £279 a month.

Is a £36 a month saving (and a few miles per gallon in economy) worth it? You decide.

If you’re tempted by either model, you’ll need a deposit of £5476 for the front-wheel drive version (£5434 for the four-wheel-drive), and then there’s a nominal £125 acceptance fee and £60 option to purchase fee.

In total you’ll pay £27,599 for the front-wheel drive and £29,342 for the quattro – that’s less than the on-the-road price of £28,900 and £30,455 respectively.

Alternatively, you could save some money and buy the original Ur Audi Quattro…