Two thirds of UK motorists admit to driving faulty cars

RAC breakdownAlmost two thirds of drivers admit to driving a vehicle which they know is faulty but are yet to have repaired, according to a survey by

Out of more than 1,000 motorists asked, more than half said they don’t bother getting issues with their car checked until at least three months after they appeared.

And, worryingly, one in four Brits miss the annual service.

Karen Rotberg, director at, said: “Drivers are not only putting their cars at risk of further damage, caused by existing problems worsening over time, which is likely to result in more significant bills, but in some cases they will be putting themselves, their loved ones and other road users in serious danger.

“Many problems can be easily and inexpensively solved if they are looked over by a qualified mechanic within good time of them emerging.”

The most common issues ignored by drivers include engine management lights and worn wheel bearings.

The latter could cost less than £100 to fix but if ignored could create further problems and could be potentially dangerous.

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