BaT Travis Barker Cadillac Eldorado

Buy this custom 1970 Cadillac owned by Travis Barker of Blink-182

BaT Travis Barker Cadillac EldoradoA custom 1970 Cadillac Eldorado is currently for sale on auction website Bring a Trailer, with a famous owner potentially adding to the appeal.

Currently the property of Blink-182 drummer and record producer Travis Barker, this is the latest in a line of his custom Caddys to go under the hammer. 

The car was offered for sale on Bring a Trailer earlier this year, but a final bid of $16,000 failed to reach the reserve. Now the reserve is off, meaning someone will walk away with this gigantic piece of heavy metal. 

What’s My Age Again?

BaT Travis Barker Cadillac EldoradoIntroduced in 1967, the eighth-generation Eldorado saw Cadillac attempt to make a move into the growing personal luxury car market. Convertible roofs were out, with only a two-door hardtop offered, whilst a front-wheel drive layout was also new.

Barker’s 1970 Eldorado comes from the final year of eighth-gen Eldorado production, and features the largest production V-8 engine fitted to a Cadillac. The vast 500-cubic inch (8.2-liter) was launched for the ‘70 model year, and rated at 400 horsepower and 550-lb ft of torque.

A three-speed automatic transmission is responsible for transferring all the power to the front wheels. Priced at $6,900 when new, Cadillac found homes for almost 24,000 Eldorados during 1970. 

All the Small Things

BaT Travis Barker Cadillac EldoradoMost notable on this custom Caddy is the bespoke paintwork. Designed as a collaboration between Bob Falini, John D’Agostino, Mike Garner, and Tony Wood, this car was reportedly constructed by Radioactive Kustoms in Van Nuys, CA.

The main body of the car, named ‘Conquistador II’, is finished in Candy Gold, with the lower sections in Rootbeer. Top sections of the hood and trunk wear Platinum Metalflake Crystal paint, which matches the vinyl roof also finished in platinum.

Custom pinstriping has been added, along with unique detailing around the Cadillac badges. Trim from the hood has been removed, whilst the color-coded exterior mirrors and custom side markers have been added. 

Generational Divide

BaT Travis Barker Cadillac EldoradoIn order to gain a smooth look along the sides of the Eldorado, the door handles have been shaved. Notably solenoid-activated door poppers have not been fitted, leaving many Bring a Trailer commenters wondering how the doors can actually be opened. 

Although retaining its original wheels, new Wheel Vintiques hubcaps and American Classic whitewall tires have been added to the Cadillac. The front suspension has been lowered, whilst the rear is dropped purely by the weight of several large bags of salt in the trunk.

Inside, the Eldorado’s large cabin has been left untouched. This means white leather seats with back carpets, and plenty of wood veneer.

Feeling This

BaT Travis Barker Cadillac EldoradoA total of 58,000 miles are recorded on the odometer, with Barker responsible for only 1,000 of them since acquiring the car in late 2014. That year the Eldorado appeared at the Sacramento Autorama in February 2014, collecting a winning prize in the semi-custom category.

Barker has a history of buying and selling Cadillac Eldorados, having previously sold a 1976 convertible version on Bring a Trailer in April 2018. 

He also sold a custom 1967 model at the RM Sotheby’s 2019 Arizona auction, with a final sale price of $50,400 for the Caddy branded as the original ‘Conquistador’ creation.

The Rock Show

BaT Travis Barker Cadillac EldoradoBeing sold with no reserve means this customized Eldorado will sell whatever the final price is when the Bring a Trailer auction ends on October 29th. 

Commenters on the website have noted that Barker is most likely making room for another new Cadillac addition, resulting in the ‘no reserve’ listing. 

Conquistador II will certainly be an acquired taste for many, but the pull of a celebrity owner, unique custom touches, and a colossal V-8 engine mean it will undoubtedly find a new home.

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