Toyota turns petrol Yaris into hybrid for £30 a month

Toyota-Yaris-HybridDriving a hybrid is becoming an economic reality for conventional petrol-engine Toyota Yaris buyers, thanks to a £30 a month upgrade deal launched by the manufacturer.

The PCP finance package for the best-selling 1.33-litre Icon five-door costs £139 a month, the firm’s marketing director Chris Hayes revealed at the facelifted model’s launch event.

But the price of upgrading to the Icon Hybrid equivalent is just £30 on top: UK buyers can drive a 91mpg Yaris Hybrid for £169 a month.

The deal is even sharper on the range-topping Excel – that costs £159 a month as a petrol, with the Hybrid variant costing £20 a month extra.

The PCP deals have been carefully configured by Toyota’s own finance division to provide showroom clarity and incentivise upgrade ‘walks’ such as this: Hayes revealed that more than 80% of Yaris customers buy via a PCP scheme.

The hybrid deal is particularly significant when you consider how many Yaris Toyota sells in the UK. The supermini accounts for 35% of its overall volumes, double that of the best-best Auris and Aygo models. Last year, that equated to nearly 20,000 cars. The Toyota Prius range, by way of comparison, accounts for just 5% of Toyota GB volumes.

More than any other Toyota, then, the Yaris has the potential to democratise the hybrid, and Toyota has thus configured its buying packages to do this. With some expectation, too: the firm expects hybrids to account for over 9000 sales this year, or 26% of the model mix – rising to 35% in 2015 and 40% in 2016.

Longer term, Toyota is aiming for 1 in 2 cars sold to be a hybrid. With tempting packages such as this latest Yaris deal, it may achieve that goal for its key best-sellers sooner than it thinks.

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