Toyota gives American Supras more muscle

Toyota Supra gets power boost

Less than a year into the Supra’s life, Toyota has chosen to deploy a more powerful version, albeit only in America. New 2021 model year cars will get a substantial boost, up from 335hp to 382hp.

These upgrades come from a new dual-branch exhaust manifold, with six ports instead of two. This helps with heat management, while a new piston design reduces the compression ratio from 11:1 to 10.2:1. In terms of performance, the Supra should now be in the three-second club to 60mph, making the sprint in 3.9 seconds – down from 4.1.

Toyota Supra gets power boost

To handle the extra power, the flagship is getting some chassis bracing, from the strut towers to the radiator support. The dampers have also been retuned, as has the electric power steering. For 2021, Americans will be offered a total of 1,000 A91 Edition Supras.

Like the initial 1,500 MkV Launch Editions, the A91 gets an exclusive ‘Refraction’ paint. On the inside, along with some exclusive colour options for the A91, the Supra loses the base model 6.5 inch screen, with the 8.8-inch system becoming standard.

Toyota Supra gets power boost

Lastly, and perhaps the biggest change, is the addition of the four-cylinder option. The 2.0-litre 255hp model is being pitched as the lighter, more direct, driver-focused model. With less weight out front, it should be more manoeuvrable. The four-pot car is more than 90 kilograms lighter than the 3.0-litre. That’s a fairly stout passenger’s worth of weight.

We suspect the power upgrade for the 3.0 is to help differentiate it in terms of performance and value, from the new entry-level four-cylinder model. The new 382hp car extends the power gap, from 80hp to just under 130hp. We expect this boost to be the first of many upgrades for the Supra.