Toyota Supra

New Toyota Supra to make public driving debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Toyota Supra

The new fifth-generation Toyota Supra hasn’t been quite as long in its rather public gestation as some Japanese flagships (LFA, NSX, GT-R, we’re looking at you) though Toyota have teased us with similar ideas over the years.

Yet perhaps due to the anticipation surrounding this model, it feels just as drawn out as ever. Next weekend we inch just that little bit closer to the model’s official introduction, with a disguised prototype taking to the Hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This comes on a veritable bow-wave of pride for Toyota as it comes off the back of its first Le Mans 24 Hours win after years of ill-fortune. Fernando Alonso’s race-winning TS050 will also be in attendance at FOS, albeit on static display alongside the GR Racing Supra Concept.

The road-going prototype will be on Hill duties throughout the event with chief engineer Tetsuya Tada and who Toyota calls ‘Master Driver’ Herwig Daenens at the wheel. The car will be wearing a red black and white disguise intended to pay homage to the recent win.

Note also the A90 model generation being sprawled across it too, given this follows the A80 generation MK IV. Think E46 M3 vs E92 M3.

With the weight of expectation for the new model, Toyota is understandably alluding its predecessor and stating the new car will be “faithful to its distinguished heritage as a pure, thoroughbred sports car by using a front-mounted, in-line six-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive”.

Toyota Supra

Little else is known of the new Supra, with estimated power outputs from the new BMW-sourced six-cylinder engine being between 320 and 340hp.

It seems the way with Japanese performance flagships that they tease and tease with years going by before we finally get the finished product. Granted, that product is almost always exceptional but there’s no sating the rabid impatient masses!

Now we just need the Supra to arrive and, from what Toyota’s saying, it seems like we have at least a six-month wait. For now, we’ll just enjoy seeing what it can do up the Hill at Goodwood.

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