Toyota GT86 2015 Model Year

Toyota revises GT86 for 2015 model year

Toyota GT86 2015 Model YearToyota has launched a small series of upgrades for the 2015 model year GT86 – and in keeping with the car’s spirited nature, they’re focused on driving dynamics rather than visual enhancements.

The key upgrade is a new mounting solution for the front suspension, which fixes it more rigidly to the body. Toyota capitalises on this with new dampers, which “provide a more stable damping and improved friction control” – making handling smoother and more communicative, it reckons.

Steering feel is improved too.

Toyota’s also upgraded the rear dampers and the changes help reduce overall roll and give more confidence when driving on the limit. Which the GT86’s nature of course encourages…

Other changes? Well, don’t hold your breath: they extend to a new carbon fibre dashboard panel, plus two new colours – pearl white and a new shade of silver.

The only cross-model clue for car-spotters that they’re looking at a 15 model year GT86 is a new shark fin aerial. Seriously. (You know what to look for if you value steering feel though…)

2015 model year GT86 prices: no change expected…

So, when should GT86 anoraks peel their eyes and driving enthusiasts aim to take deliver? From the summer, says Toyota: given the small sum total of the changes, we don’t expect any change in the car’s £25,110 list price. Making it even more of a driver-pleasing bargain.

Chief engineer Tetsuya Tada says the 2015 changes are all part of the car’s continuous development philosophy. “There is no reason that development should stop, only because the vehicle has gone on sale,” he said.

“GT86 is all about driver involvement, and we are committed to keep enhancing this aspect of the car. The 2015 Model Year delivers the latest status of GT86’s continuous evolution.”

All fine words. And here’s a tip for the 2016 model year update, Tada-san: more power…

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