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Toyota recalls 25 million vehicles in 30 months

Toyota YarisToyota has announced it is to recall another 6.4 million vehicles to check  and rectify a series of quality faults – taking the total number of cars recalled to 25 million vehicles in 30 months.

In that time, reports the BBC, Toyota sold 21 million cars.

The latest recalls are to rectify three separate issues concerning the following cars:

  • Yaris (built between January 2005-August 2010)
  • Urban Cruiser (January 2005-August 2010)
  • RAV4 (June 2004-December 2010)
  • Hilux (June 2004-December 2010)

A total of 35,124 UK cars are affected. For the Yaris and Urban Cruiser, there are actually two separate issues: the first is the seat rail spring that locks the front seats in place. This can be too weak and thus break, causing the seats to move back and forth.

The repair, if necessary, takes between 40-90 minutes: 10,339 UK cars are affected.

A second issue also affects the Yaris and Urban Cruiser, and affects 1,293 vehicles built between September 2005 and February 2009. In these models, the steering column bracket can break, causing the steering to “tilt out of position”. The repair here takes between two and a half to four and a half hours.

For the RAV4 and Hilux, a cable in the airbag can be damaged, causing the driver’s airbag to be deactivated (a warning light will illuminate if this is the case).

Cars built between June 2004-December 2010 are affected. In the UK, that’s 24,785 vehicles. The repair takes around an hour.

Toyota reports that there have been no deaths or injuries caused by the latest round of recalls, and has set up a vehicle registration check on its website so owners can see if their car is affected: use the registration number look-up on

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