Toyota GT86

Toyota is recalling the GT86 for a steering fault

Toyota GT86Toyota is recalling more than 4,500 GT86 in the UK to fix a steering fault that could result in the loss of power assistance.

The fault affects all right-hand drive cars; Toyota Australia is carrying out a similar recall for almost 15,000 cars built between April 2012 and March 2015.

In the UK, Toyota says the recall will affect 4,556 vehicles, which accounts for a significant proportion of all Toyota GT86 sold in the UK.

The related Subaru BRZ will also be recalled.

Toyota GT86

Toyota says the fault is related to the driver’s knee airbag cover: this can interfere with the wiring harness for the EPAS electric power steering system; the electrical contacts can disconnect, resulting in the loss of assistance.

The steering will become significantly heavier at slower speeds and appreciably weightier when on the move, says Toyota: there will also be a yellow icon illuminated on the dashboard and an audible warning.

The fault has not, however, led to any accidents or injuries. Enthusiasts may also welcome the resultant extra feel and feedback…

Repairs take around an hour, says Toyota: it involves replacing the EPAS electronic control unit and the associated wiring harness.

Owners of the acclaimed sportscar will be contacted directly by Toyota.

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