Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon Robin

Toyota Land Cruiser in twitter surprise

Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon RobinAn owner of an eight year old Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon was surprised recently to find his well-used 4×4 had begun tweeting – until he found a family of robins in the engine bay.

Dave Merchant, from Somerset, discovered the mother robin sitting with five hatched chicks when he went to check the oil.

Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon Robin

Even more surprisingly, Merchant reckons he must have driven 250 miles with the robin family living within the Toyota’s engine bay before they were discovered.

“The fact that I was driving the Land Cruiser around while the robins were nesting and that the birds hatched successfully shows what a good car this is,” he said.

But now, his Toyota is out of action – for the first time since he bought it in 2008.

“As soon as I saw the chicks I of course stopped driving the car and I won’t use it again until they have flown the nest.”

Merchant now calls the Land Cruiser “the world’s biggest bird box”.

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