Toyota GT86 Blue Edition

One Love: Toyota GT86 Blue Edition revealed

Toyota GT86 Blue EditionThe Toyota GT86 Blue Edition is the latest in the firm’s Club Series run of special models. As its name suggests, it has an exclusive Electric Blue paint finish, plus the option of a bargain-priced Performance Pack that surely every Blue Edition buyer will go for.

Unlike as its name suggests, the Performance Pack doesn’t actually offer any more engine performance: the GT86 keeps its 197bhp 2.0-litre boxer engine, which means 0-62mph in 7.7 seconds and 140mph flat-out (unless, God forbid, you go for the auto: that’s capped to 8.4 seconds and 130mph).

The Performance Pack is more about helping keen drivers unlock more performance through the corners. It comprises a Sachs-tuned suspension upgrade with Sachs Performance dampers, plus larger Brembo brakes that Toyota says deliver better pedal feel, as well as more stopping power.

Toyota GT86 Blue Edition

The bigger brakes require the fitment of a new design of 17-inch black alloy, which Toyota contrasts with red-painted Brembo calipers. As the GT86 Blue Edition is based on the GT86 Pro, it also gets that car’s limited-slip differential.

Inside, black leather and Alcantara are standard, along with climate control, heated front seats, LED front and rear lights and Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system.

As for prices, they start at just under £29,000 for the standard Blue Edition, but it’s the Performance Pack that stands out to us. At £30,335, it’s £1,475 more than the standard car. Goodness, Toyota, at that price, U Make Me Wanna…

2018 Toyota GT86 Blue Edition prices

  • GT86 Club Series Blue Edition manual: £28,980
  • GT86 Club Series Blue Edition auto: £30,335
  • GT86 Club Series Blue Edition Performance Pack manual: £30,455
  • GT86 Club Series Blue Edition Performance Pack auto: £31,795
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