Toyota Mirai

Toyota dealer services the car of the future in an hour

Toyota MiraiThe Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car may be a cutting-edge future-fuel car that brings tomorrow’s world technology to UK dealers – but one retailer has just proven servicing it needn’t be a technological nightmare.

Jemca Edgeware has just given a hard-driven private hire Mirai minicab its first 10,000 service. Total time in the workshop? One hour. And it took just one person to complete the task.

Compared to today’s cars, their job sheet was relatively light too: no complex engine, exhaust or other anciliaries to worry about, after all.

The dealer had sent three of the team to Toyota’s European Technical facility for four days of intensive Mirai training, mind: more than just the usual car technician course, they learnt about fuel cell chemistry and the intricacies of servicing, repairing and refuelling it.

Toyota Mirai

Master diagnostic technician Peter Kelly carried out the work and said “it was great to be able to use all the theory we’d been taught, but in fact it was very much like a normal service.

“If anything, it felt like there was less work to do than usual, as there wasn’t a petrol or diesel engine to work on.”

Instead, Kelly had to check new items such as the fuel cell cooling system, hydrogen sensor and hydrogen fuel supply system – and, of course, make sure there were no hydrogen leaks.

Then it was back in the hands of greentomatocars to continue its ultra-green taxi duties. Proof that maybe the high-tech cars of the future won’t be worrisome tech overloads.

Who knows, they could even prove to be more dependable and less trouble than today’s motors…

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