Toyota GT86

Toyota cuts entry price of GT86 to £22,995

Toyota GT86Toyota has revised the GT86 coupe range for 2015, introducing a new value-priced Primo model for £22,995.

The new Primo sits below the existing GT86 model (which still lacks a derivative name); that car remains on sale and keeps its £24,995 list price.

Toyota’s move has long been expected after rear-wheel drive coupe partner Subaru cut the price of the BRZ to £22,495 for the regular SE model.

There’s little difference in equipment between the cheap BRZ SE and higher-spec SE Lux; heated leather seats are the key addition. Toyota, however, has taken quite a bit of kit out of the base GT86 Primo edition – compared to the regular GT86, it lacks six key pieces of equipment:

  1. Rear spoiler
  2. HID headlights with LED running lights
  3. Keyless entry
  4. Push-button start
  5. Dual zone climate control
  6. Cruise control

The Primo is also only available as a manual, unlike the GT86 which has an automatic option (costing £1,000). Both versions offer the same colour choice though – red, blue, orange, black, grey, white and silver. No pairing back the colour palette like some other makers do with entry-level cars.

At the other end of the range, Toyota has launched two new higher-spec models – Aero and Giallo. Both cost £27,495: the Aero has 18-inch Oz alloys and a bold bodykit including large rear spoiler (although the bigger wheels do push up the CO2 slightly, to 192g/km).

The limited edition Giallo has vivid yellow metallic paint (with optional bonnet, roof and boot decals), black GT86 side stripes and Giallo custom heated leather seats.

Toyota hasn’t officially announced the new models but they are available to order at some dealer groups now.

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