Aygo on Snapchat and Spotify

Toyota targets youth with Spotify and Snapchat Aygo campaigns

Aygo on Snapchat and Spotify

Toyota has rolled out a campaign with Snapchat and Spotify to “celebrate spontaneous fun and freedom offered by its new Aygo city car”. The promotion is aimed at engaging younger buyers aged 18-34 – and countering evidence young people are the least interested in cars than they have been for decades.

In the case of Snapchat, the Aygo stars in a new augmented reality racing game called Aygo Kart, using the augmented reality lenses that will be familiar to Snapchat users.

It’s multi-player, with racers challenging each other and avoiding obstacles in their own personalised Aygos. The game responds to touch, head movements and even facial expressions.

It was inspired by the storyline from one of the Aygo ‘Just Go’ short films. ‘Where next? Wherever’ featured a young Aygo driver reacting spontaneously to texts coming through the Apple CarPlay system, asking whether he’d go footballing with mates, or to dinner with his girlfriend. We won’t spoil it for you…

For Spotify, the aim is to celebrate a wide variety of music tastes. The ad campaign focuses on ‘variety’ and ‘favourites’ listeners. They’re prompted to visit an Aygo-branded hub which gives them a bespoke playlist.

Once there, listeners can enter a prize draw for local gig tickets, although in the name of spontaneity, codes for tickets are only redeemable for seven days after victory.

Toyota Aygo

Toyota hopes the two campaigns will target a demographic at best passively engaged with the Aygo. 

“We’re really excited about the partnerships with Snapchat and Spotify,” said Matt Blake, Toyota’s brand awareness manager.

“Both are perfect platforms for us to speak to our 18- to 34-year-old target audience.

“The potential is huge to drive awareness and engagement with Aygo and the Just Go campaign.”

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