Tory MP calls for ban on noisy car doors

Tory MP calls for ban on noisy car doors

Tory MP calls for ban on noisy car doors

MP Mark Pritchard has urged manufacturers to fit a ‘simple rubber lining’ to all car doors in a bid to reduce noise pollution in the country’s towns and cities.

Speaking in Westminster, Pritchard said: “The right to some respite from noise, constant noise, needs to be a central feature of Government policy, part of its strategy, not a by-product of another Government policy, a consequence of that policy.

“On my own observations, I think the Government should work with motor manufacturers to encourage all cars and vehicles to have linings which stop their doors making noises when they are slammed shut.

“A simple rubber lining would make a huge difference – metal on metal makes noise.”

The MP for the Wrekin, Shropshire, also questioned whether ambulance sirens need to be ‘far louder’ than the police – and suggested emergency vehicles should stop using their sirens after midnight.

He added: “Even walking down the streets here in Westminster, sometimes the ambulances that are going out to save lives – and we respect that and we recognise that and they have to get through heavy traffic – some of the sirens are so ear-piercing compared to other emergency services.”

Pritchard went on to suggest “there needs to be a national conversation on how to make this country quieter,” also proposing ‘polite notices’ encouraging people to set their phones to silent while on public transport.

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  1. agneau
    agneau says:

    Just what we need – an MP with zero ability to prioritise. Didn’t spot that car manufacturers were lying about pollution but thinks we need quiet car doors. His taxpayer funded residence is probably in one of those noisy west London streets.


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