Top Gear series 26 trailer: breaking cars and… breaking wind?

Top Gear season 26 trailer

“Bless you Monkey Harris!” we exclaimed (in our minds) as we watched the new trailer for season 26 of Top Gear, in which Chris Harris lets off some flatulence in the back of a Bentley.

Thankfully, by all accounts, the new series contains automotive emissions of a different kind, which is a relief for us all. The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso vs Panamera test, as seen during the first episode, is featured, including some serious Ferrari boot abuse…

The new Aston Martin Vantage gets a good spanking, as does the GT2 RS – we’ve seen a good amount of the latter getting tested in prior trailers. We also see some more glimpses of the legendary Bentley Speed 8 getting a good thrashing. More Bentley-flavoured action comes in the form of the new Continental GT getting rallied.

Finally, of course, cars getting broken. Large old luxury saloons getting hands-free drag-raced, and Tuk Tuks rolling downhill. Overall, Top Gear series 26 looks like a lot of fun, as long as Harris hasn’t stunk the place out…

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