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Britain is buying new cars again - MR looks at the top 10 hot deals that may be tempting them...

Ford-FiestaThe UK car registration sales are in for 2013, and it’s good news. 2,264,737 cars were registered last year – a rise of 10.8% on 2012.

But what’s caused this rise? Is it a sign that Britain is recovering from the recession and splashing out on more new cars, or is it simply that dealers are pre-registering more cars in an attempt to hit targets?

One theory is that some great deals are tempting people into new motors… so to see what’s on offer, let’s take a look at some of the top offers available on the 10 most popular cars in the UK in 2013.

10: Peugeot 208


2013 was a good year for Peugeot – sales rose from 99,486 in 2012 to 105,435. Its best-selling model is the 208 with 38,618 sales last year… squeezing it into the top 10.

The new car deal – Peugeot 208 for £159 a month

No doubt many Peugeot 208 buyers were swayed by the company’s Just Add Fuel finance offer. For 35 monthly payments of £159 plus a deposit of £2,246 and an optional final payment of £4,360 (if you want to keep the car), customers could drive away in a Peugeot 208 Access. Peugeot will even fork out the cost for three years tax and insurance… so all you need to do is add fuel.

9: BMW 1 Series


Will BMW ever lose its mojo? The German manufacturer increased sales from 127,530 in 2012 to 135,583 in 2013 – upping its market share by 6.31%. And it’s second biggest seller? The BMW 1 Series hatchback – at 41,883 units.

The new car deal – BMW 1 Series for £239 a month

BMW is currently offering finance on a 5-door 116i at an APR rate of 4.9%, resulting in 36 monthly payments of £239. There’s a deposit of £5,108 – but don’t worry, you’ll only be expected to pay £3,249 of that. BMW and your dealer will stump up the rest. The optional final payment is a shade under £10,000 – or, you can give your car back and have a new one after three years.

8: Volkswagen Polo


Volkswagen took its market share up 6% in 2013, selling 194,085 vehicles. Like BMW, it makes two entries in the top 10 – the first with its popular hatchback the Volkswagen Polo.

The new car deal – Volkswagen Polo for £135 a month

Volkswagen is pushing Polo buyers towards its finance deals, offering goodies such as free insurance, a £1,000 deposit contribution and three years/30,000 miles worth of servicing for £199. You can get all this for 35 monthly payments of £135 with a customer deposit of £2,529 and an optional final payment of £5,264.

7: BMW 3 Series


Here it is, BMW’s second and highest entry in the top 10. The 3 Series is popular with company car drivers and private buyers alike, and is available on similar finance terms to the 1 Series.

The new car deal – BMW 3 Series for £309 a month

You can buy a 318d Sport Saloon for £309 a month over three years with a customer deposit of £4,299 and an optional final payment of £12,105.

6: Nissan Qashqai


The Qashqai triggered the crossover boom and is now Nissan’s best-selling model, with over 50,000 sold last year. That’s particularly impressive saying a new model goes on sale this month.

The new car deal – Nissan Qashqai for £229 a month

If you want to be one of the first to drive away in a new Qashqai, you can for £229 a month over three years. There’s a deposit of £4,575 and an optional final payment of £8,745. That works out at a rate of 6.9% APR representative.

5: Volkswagen Golf


Ah, the Volkswagen Golf. It’s like a comfortable pair of slippers. It’s always been a top selling car, and the Mk7 is definitely ‘the one to beat’. This is Volkswagen’s highest entry in the top ten cars, and surprisingly the best seller of the consistently high performing Volkswagen group.

The new car deal – Volkswagen Golf for £199 a month

What is cool is that you can be driving one of the best C-segment hatchbacks out there for just £199 a month. Again, that’s over a three year period – this time with a deposit of £4,943 and an optional final payment of £6,603. And, like with the Polo, you can opt for three years/30,000 miles of servicing for £199.

4: Vauxhall Astra


Age-old rivals Ford and Vauxhall fight it out for the top spot – with the Astra just missing the top three with 68,040 sales last year. Vauxhall sold over quarter of a million cars in 2013 – making it the second biggest selling car manufacturer in the UK.

The new car deal – Vauxhall Astra for £179 a month

Vauxhall is offering 0% APR finance on its Astra, meaning you can buy a 1.4-litre Energry for £179 a month, over 60 months. There’s a deposit of £5,065 – but Vauxhall will put £2,000 towards that. And, if you’re quick, you’ll even get £500 worth of free fuel.

3: Vauxhall Corsa


In third place is another Vauxhall – this time the company’s B-segment Corsa. It’s always been a favourite with everyone from driving schools to elderly drivers. Could the Corsa fight Ford for first or second place when a facelifted model arrives this year?

The new car deal – Vauxhall Corsa for £155 a month

If you’re happy with the current Corsa, you can buy one on a similar 0% finance agreement to the Astra. You can buy a Corsa Excite (with 16-inch alloys, Bluetooth and front fog lights) for a deposit of £2,685 plus £155 a month. And again, if you’re quick, you can bag £500 of free fuel. That’s got to be tempting for young drivers!

2: Ford Focus


It’s hard to believe that when it was introduced in 1998 the Focus proved controversial due to its striking looks. Ford even sold the Escort alongside the Focus as it was worried no one would buy its new car.

The new car deal – Ford Focus for £209 a month

Now they’re everywhere – but how do people buy them? Ford’s currently offering the Focus Navigator with the 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine for £209 a month on personal lease. That’s over three years, with an advanced payment of £4,389. For that, you also get metallic paint chucked in – as well as the Appearance Pack.

1: Ford Fiesta


It’s no surprise Ford’s nabbed the top two spots. The company sold 310,865 cars last year – a staggering 10.27% increase on its already significant 13.79% market share.

The new car deal – Ford Fiesta for £129 a month

And the Fiesta – with sales of 121,929 – is leagues ahead, sales wise, every other car sold in the UK. When you consider the finance on a 1.25-litre 3-door Studio model, it’s no surprise. After paying a deposit of £1,467 and the first monthly payment of £129, you can drive a Fiesta for just £129 a month for two years (with a final payment of £5,424). That’s a ridiculously cheap way into Britain’s best selling car!

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