Tiff Needell reveals Fifth Gear is dead

As hype around the the all-new Chris Evans led Top Gear and its Amazon rival The Grand Tour builds, Tiff Needell has revealed there’s unlikely to be another series of Fifth Gear filmed. Ever.

Although not confirmed, Needell revealed on Twitter:

Responding to outcry from his Twitter followers, Needell revealed that Fifth Gear is finding it hard to get recommissioned, even though now would be a good time to poach ‘disgruntled Top Gear fans’.

Racing driver Tiff has presented on Fifth Gear since it was launched on Channel 5 in 2001. Before that, he appeared on Top Gear for 14 years.

His co-presenter Jonny Smith responded to Needell’s tweets, saying: “You need a new show Tiff. Let’s call it The Needell For Speed. Please.”

Fellow co-presenter Vicky Butler-Henderson hasn’t reacted to the news.