The world’s most valuable car brands 2015

Counting down the car companies with the most clout in 2015


Most valuable car brands 2015Nike beats Honda, but Nissan edges ahead of Gucci. That’s the conclusion of the latest list of the world’s most valuable brands.

The top 100 list was compiled by Interbrand and includes 15 automotive nameplates.

We count down the car companies with the most clout.

MINI: 98th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

MINI finishes 98th in the list. The sub-brand of BMW is valued at £2.8billion.

MINI’s success is partly down to its ever-expanding range of cars. The new 231hp John Cooper Works is the most powerful production MINI yet.

Land Rover: 87th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

British brand Land Rover came 87th, with an estimated value of £3.4billion.

Land Rover’s bestseller is the Range Rover Evoque. But the Defender – seen here in run-out Heritage Edition spec – remains its icon.


Chevrolet: 85th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

All-American Chevy is worth £3.4billion, according to Interbrand. That puts it 85th on the list.

Chevrolet recently withdrew from Europe due to poor sales. Promotional shots like this probably didn’t help.

Harley-Davidson: 79th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

OK, so Harley-Davidson isn’t actually a car brand. But the legendary motorcycle manufacturer is worth a hefty £3.6billion.

Harleys are synonymous with rebellion and the open road. This special edition Road King was built to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary.

Kia: 74th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

Kia is part of Korean industrial conglomerate, Hyundai (which finishes further up the list). The company is worth around £3.7billion.

Kia has moved away from its bargain-basement roots and now competes head-on with major European and Japanese brands. This is its forthcoming Sportage SUV.

Porsche: 56th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

Porsches aren’t cheap to buy and neither is the company. You’ll need to stump up £5.3billion for this 56th-placed brand.

Think Porsche is all about the 911? Think again – the Cayenne 4×4 is actually Porsche’s bestselling vehicle worldwide.

Nissan: 49th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

Japanese giant Nissan is worth £6.0billion – not least due to the runaway success of its Qashqai crossover, which is built in the UK.

Nissan has a pretty eclectic range of cars, from the humdrum Micra to the hardcore GT-R. It even sells a bonkers 600hp GT-R-engined Juke.

Audi: 44th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

Audi’s progress over the past three decades offers an object lesson in how to build a premium brand. It’s now worth £6.8billion.

The fabulous Quattro is one of the cars that changed public perception of Audi. It’s pictured here with fellow ‘Life on Mars’ star, Philip Glenister.

Hyundai: 39th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

Hyundai’s name is seen on shipping containers, department stores and construction sites. The Hyundai Motor Group alone is valued at £7.4billion.

Like Kia, Hyundai has worked hard to become a credible alternative to established car brands. Its new Tucson is a very capable compact SUV.

Ford: 38th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

At £7.7billion, Ford just edges Hyundai to take 38th place among the world’s most valuable brands.

Much of Ford’s income comes from the F-150 pick-up – America’s bestselling vehicle. In the Land Of The Free, no conventional car comes close.

Volkswagen: 35th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

The well-publicised ‘Dieselgate’ scandal has seen Volkswagen lose 9% in brand value (down to £8.3billion) and drop four places on the index.

The Golf nameplate has now overtaken the Beetle for sheer sales volume. However, the ‘Bug’ was VW’s first car and it remains a symbol of the counterculture.

Honda: 19th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

Honda has recently launched a glut of new cars – perhaps one reason it’s valued at a whopping £15.1billion.

The Japanese marque’s bestselling car is the practical and very reliable Jazz supermini. Here’s the new 2015 model.

Mercedes-Benz: 12th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

The world’s oldest car company is still one of its most successful. Mercedes-Benz finishes 12th, with an estimated value of £24.2billion.

Any excuse to use a picture of the sublime Mercedes-AMG GT S – the German brand’s flagship sports car.

BMW: 11th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

Mercedes will be smarting that arch-rival BMW pipped it by one place. The former aircraft manufacturer is worth £24.5billion.

The quirky i3 electric car shows BMW isn’t afraid to explore new niches. Sometimes it pays to take risks…

Toyota: 6th place

Most valuable car brands 2015

The highest-place carmaker on the list is Toyota, in 6th place. However, even Toyota’s £32.3billion worth pales in comparison to first-placed Apple – valued at £112.7billion.

Toyota’s bestselling car is the Corolla, although we don’t even get the current model in the UK. It’s reliable and utterly inoffensive A-to-B transport, which is evidently what many people want.

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