Toyota Tundra Grile

The Toyota that transforms into a barbeque

Toyota Tundra GrileHow to showcase the huge bed of the latest Toyota Tundra? If you’re Toyota Canada, by creating THE ultimate mobile barbeque, that’s how.

Earlier this year, the firm partnered with Canadian grill experts Napoleon to create two amazing Tundra ‘tailgating vehicles’.

Amazing, because sliding out the 8.1-foot deck is a massive grille that houses the barbeque to beat them all.

The grille is massive enough to cater for even the pickiest eater. It has no fewer than SEVEN burners, an integrated wood chip smoker tray – even the controls are illuminated for night-time barbeques.

That’s not all: there’s also a preparation area. Even a separate area for condiments, rolls and onions.

Oh, and brilliantly, the cooking grilles have the Toyota logo cut into them…

Toyota Tundra Grile

Toyota says it’s been a showstopper even when it’s not been fired up. When it has, the queues have stretched far. And now the word is out, its forthcoming appearances from September through December may well be even more popular.

“The Toyota Tundra is known for being up to the task for anything Canadians throw at it,” said Toyota Canada vice president Stephen Beatty.

“It has certainly proven to be ideal for this special tailgating vehicle.” Indeed. Hands up who’ll be looking at their Bank Holiday barbeque with a little bit of a scowl now?

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