Volvo XC60

The best-selling mid-size SUV in Europe is a Volvo

Volvo XC60Volvo has posted a sales surprise for 2015 with XC60 emerging as Europe’s favourite mid-size SUV.

Seemingly overlooked throughout 2015 in a year full of XC90 fever, the five-seat SUV has nevertheless been proving popular in showrooms, with Volvo selling a hefty 159,617 of them last year alone.

Indeed, this is actually a sales record for the XC60 since its introduction in 2008 – and sales have also risen every year since launch, something almost unheard of in the normal lifecycle of a car.

It’s also been Volvo’s best-selling vehicle of all since 2009.

Of course, while it’s proving popular in Europe, this isn’t the market that’s driving the bulk of sales growth. Rather, China and the United States are: they’re the leading two markets for the XC60, followed by Sweden.

In Europe Volvo says it’s also doing well in Germany, the UK and France, helping the nine-year-old SUV top the 750,000 total sales mark last year.

European sales overall represent more than half of Volvo’s global sales.

2015 was actually the first time the Volvo XC60 has led the mid-size SUV segment – in the same year that SUVs emerged as the most popular EU car segment of all.

And if the ageing current car’s doing this well, imagine how successful an XC90-inspired all new one would be…

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