You can now get a Tesla iPhone case for £20

Tesla phone case

Tesla’s official Amazon page has put a massive discount on its iPhone cases. You can now dress your iPhone in Tesla hardware for as little as £20 ($25)

The iPhone X Folio Case is normally £27 ($35) but it’s now listed with a £15 discount. Ordinarily, we’d file car-branded phone cases under ‘gimicky overpriced and unrelated merch’ but a Tesla phone case feels appropriate.

We reckon Tesla is the closest thing to an iPhone on wheels, though Honda has come out and said the new Honda e is the iPhone of cars. Either way, a Tesla phone case feels more natural to us than a dodgy aftershave bearing the badge of an Italian supercar… 

Regular iPhone X/8/Plus cases are also down from £27 ($35) to £21 ($27). The Folio iPhone 8 and 8 Plus versions remain at £27 ($35).

Tesla phone case

Tesla also sells a range of other accessories, toys and clothing, as debuted on its Amazon storefront earlier this year. You can get everything from branded mugs to jackets and hats, along with the phone cases.

As we said before, the phone cases feel a little more in keeping with the whole ‘gadget on wheels’ vibe of Tesla. For the young ones, of course, there’s a range of scale-model toy cars too.

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