Tesla arcade mode goes live in dealers

Tesla Arcade Mode

Tesla has debuted Tesla Arcade, a feature that has blossomed from the gaming ‘Easter egg‘ Teslatari introduced to its cars last year.

The marque teased the feature at the E3 gaming show, saying that a wide roster of games would be coming to its cars. Teslatari already featured Atari classics such as Pole Position and Asteroids.

Now Tesla Arcade is rolling out to customer cars as a full-blown featured app, instead of being hidden away as the Teslatari ‘Easter egg’. The first game is Beach Buggy Racing 2, but more games will follow. Musk claimed that he wants Tesla Arcade to feature games from a variety of publishers.

To promote the feature, Tesla has produced an advertisement with the tagline: “Your next charging session is going to be SO MUCH FUN”. The footage shows a Tesla owner suiting up and getting ready to race on Beach Buggy Racing 2.

You’ll note the vehicle in the game that the driver appears to be racing resembles a Tesla more than it does a beach buggy but we’ll grant Tesla some creative licence…

Interestingly, the ad depicts the use of the wheel for racing actually turning the front wheels. Encouraging ‘dry turning’ is an interesting move to say the least…

From Tesla dealer to arcade

Tesla is also encouraging people to come to its stores to try out the feature. Does that make Tesla’s the first car showrooms to also double as arcades? We like the sound of that. The only question is, will the Tesla semi truck feature a version of Euro Truck Simulator? We can only dream.

“Access the full library of games directly from the vehicle’s touchscreen to play gaming classics like Atari Missile Command and Asteroids,” Tesla says of the update.

“Or experience our newest addition, Beach Buggy Racing 2, a kart racing game where you can careen, blast and launch your way through 22 tracks. Players can recruit new drivers (see if you can find our favourite) and use the steering wheel controls for the most immersive gaming experience.”

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