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Tesla adds free Spotify Premium to ALL cars in Britain

Spotify logoTesla has given UK Model S owners an early Christmas gift – by adding Spotify Premium to every car in Britain completely FREE of charge.

The automatic upgrade is underway now and will happen ‘over the air’ as part of Tesla’s routine software updates: owners thus won’t have to do anything to get the upgrade.

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Tesla owners won’t need to already have a Spotify account – the full library will be accessible without signing in, via Tesla’s trademark massive touchscreen.

Those who do have Spotify accounts already will be able to port across their playlists, favourites and other Spotify data into the car.

Tesla won’t even charge any data fees for streaming near-limitless music into the Model S.

Tesla’s made the move because its previous digital music streaming service, Rdio, has gone bust. Spotify is a much more well-known and popular alternative and its inclusion in all Teslas in Europe, Hong Kong and Australia is worth £9.99 a month in the UK.

Spotify is among the leading digital archive services, featuring millions of songs from thousands of artists. It claims to have more than 75 million active users, including 20 million paid users.

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