Teenage owner of seized gold Maserati: 'I'll use my Roller instead'

Teenage owner of seized gold Maserati: "I'll use my Roller instead"

Teenage owner of seized gold Maserati: 'I'll use my Roller instead'

The billionaire teenage owner of a gold Maserati GranCabrio that was seized by police earlier this month for not being insured has said it wasn’t a big deal – as he just drove his Rolls-Royce instead.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, 19-year-old Hamza Sheikh bragged that he’d just have to fit L-plates to his Rolls-Royce.

He said: “I was informed by my staff that the police were watching my car for more than an hour. I have security with me wherever I go and I’m very happy that I’ve got my car back, but I was not without a car — I drove my Rolls-Royce with my security.

“I am the golden child of my family, that’s why my car is gold. I was just coming from completing my theory test when I was stopped.”

A Pakastani immigrant, Sheikh has earned his money working as a property developer while studying as business management student at Regent’s University.

He blames the insurance issue on an admin error, saying his ‘busy lifestyle’ meant he missed a letter from the insurance company – leaving the gold Maserati GranCabrio uninsured.

Sheikh has since handed over a release fee to recover his Maserati from the police compound, but is yet to go to court – where he could be hit with a fine of at least £300 and points on his provisional driving licence.

He also has a Range Rover in his garage and is waiting for his new gold Lamborghini to be delivered.

Driving gold supercars around Central London with L-plates, the teenager is no stranger to controversy.

He added: “I am a billionaire and when learning to drive in my Maserati I get a lot of jealousy, but if I have the money why not? Everything I have is because of my mother’s prayers and Allah.

“Jealousy is a mental cancer, please get treated.”

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