Take that, Jaguar: EVERY Porsche 911 Coupe can carry bikes!

Porsche_911_Coupe_bicycleJaguar recently revealed its brilliant one-off Stage 20 Concept F-Type R Coupe, complete with built-in carrier to lug a pair of Team Sky road bikes. 

Now, sports car arch-rival Porsche has responded, by revealing that ALL 911 Coupes come straight from the factory with everything in place to carry a bike on the roof!

All the fixtures and fitting points are preinstalled during production, to which a Porsche Tequipment roof transport system can be added. This system can take roof boxes, ski racks or, in the above example, bicycle racks – and while the image only shows one, up to three bikes can be carried.

That’s one better than Jaguar…

The roof box, meanwhile, adds 310 litres of load space, while up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards can be carried. The firm even recently tested vehicle dynamics with bicycles and snowboards on the roof, banked corners included (although it didn’t reveal what its engineers made of the differences in vehicle dynamics…).

The Tequipmnet range extends to 300 different options to boost a Porsche’s practicality, including no less than six child seat options for the 911, Boxster and Cayman range. As Porsche says, it all makes heading off on holiday in a 911 and being able to enjoy it when you get there more than viable for some…

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