Suzuki motorcycle pop-up

Roll up and hop on at Suzuki motorcycle pop-up

Suzuki motorcycle pop-up

Suzuki is inviting residents of Milton Keynes to experience “the joys of motorcycling”, as it prepares to open a pop-up shop at the town’s Intu shopping centre. It’s not so much get on your bike as get on their bike – for free.

Aimed at new riders, the Japanese company is offering free rides to Saturday shoppers, which sounds like a good opportunity for you to make your excuses and escape the drudgery of clothes shopping with your better half.

Helmets will be provided – so you might want to delay your appointment with Toni & Guy – along with protective clothing, with test rides expected to last around 20 minutes. Anyone aged 16 or over can take part and there’s no need to book in advance. Simply roll up and hop on at Suzuki’s pop-up.

Suzuki is also offering £100 towards the cost of compulsory basic training (CBT) or riding kit for anyone who purchases a new GSX-R125, GSX-S125 or Address, all of which are available on a three percent finance deal.

As part of the offer, the 134mpg Suzuki Address could be yours for just £62.20 per month, after a £33 deposit. Alternatively, if you have some spare cash leftover from your time in one of Intu’s coffee shops, the 113cc Address costs £2,099.

The question is: how many of the town’s 130 roundabouts could you circumnavigate on a 20-minute test ride? With a 5.2-litre fuel tank capable of delivering up to 153 miles of range, running out of time is more likely than running out of fuel.

The free test rides will be available at the Intu shopping centre on Saturday 12 May, from 10am until 5pm.

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