Aston Martin DB11

Supercar buyers in Scotland and the North buy British

Aston Martin DB11

It’s official: the further north you live, the more likely you are to choose a British supercar over a foreign exotic. That’s according to research by high-end vehicle finance provider, JBR Capital.

McLaren is the choice of supercar buyers in Scotland and the North West, while their counterparts in the North East prefer Aston Martin. One thing’s for certain, the owners have their fair share of epic driving roads to choose from in Scotland, the Pennines and the Lake District.

Venture south and you’ll find buyers who are less patriotic. Take Yorkshire and the Humber, for example, where Porsche dominates the supercar segment, with a whopping 40 per cent share of the market.

In fact, Porsche tops the list in five regions, with the East Midlands, East of England, London and the South West also favouring Stuttgart’s finest above all else. This leaves the South East and West Midlands to fly the flag for Ferrari, and Wales to honour Lamborghini.

Overall, nearly a quarter of all supercar finance deals involve Porsche, closely followed by Ferrari with a sixth of all sales. Predictably, the two firms saw their first highest finance-based sales figures in London, with the capital accounting for a quarter of all deals in the country.

London is the supercar capital

Darren Selig, executive chairman at JBR Capital, said: “London may well be the country’s supercar capital, but everyone has their own dream car, and tastes wildly differ from region to region throughout Britain.

“Iconic British supercars remain a real favourite across the country, and though they still have some way to go before toppling Porsche and Ferrari, there are some exciting new models from all three, and we’re keen to see how the trend continues in the years to come.”

Supercar finance data

Region Most popular supercar Share of the most popular brand
East Midlands Porsche 28.26%
East of England Porsche 31.03%
London Porsche 21.09%
North East Aston Martin 28.57%
North West McLaren 28.00%
Scotland McLaren 33.33%
South East Ferrari 17.44%
South West Porsche 34.62%
Wales Lamborghini 28.57%
West Midlands Ferrari 22.64%
Yorkshire and the Humber Porsche 40.00%