Land Rover Explore smartphone

The super-tough smartphone that thinks it’s a Land Rover

Land Rover Explore smartphone

The Land Rover Explore mobile phone is designed to go where many SUVs dare not tread: deep into the wilderness. And unlike many other smartphones – and certain SUVs, come to think of it – it’s unlikely to leave you high and dry when the going gets Billy Ocean.

Before the cynics start muttering things about entering a jungle in a Land Rover but coming out again in a Land Cruiser, the Explore mobile is merely “inspired by Land Rover”, and is built by the Bullitt Group, which has designed, manufactured and distributed millions of mobile phones.

Remarkably, the Explore phone is capable of operating and navigating in extreme conditions for two full days with the screen on constantly, which will seem like witchcraft for smartphone users who see their juice dropping like a stone when using data in the city.

The most outdoorsy communications device since the bush telegraph can be fitted with an Adventure Pack, which doubles the battery life and improves the reliability and accuracy of the GPS signal. Perfect for when you find yourself veering off the public footpath on your post-Sunday-lunch walk.

The phone is powered by a 4,000m Ah battery with a factory-fitted screen protector and protective case that can survive underwater to 1.8 metres, including salt water. It can cope with temperatures ranging from freezing cold to blistering heat, so it should be adept at dealing with British drizzle.

Naturally, the full HD five-inch screen can be controlled when wet and with gloved hands, and provides instant access to weather information and mapping data. Land Rover claims that it’s perfect for hiking, biking and skiing, but fails to point out that it’s likely to appeal to trendy types who like to parade their rugged, go-anywhere spirit in a town centre coffee shop.

The Android-enabled device is compatible with all Land Rover in-car apps and is available with hardware packs, such as an additional battery and bike mount.

Joe Sinclair, director of branded goods and licensing, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “This is the smartphone we’d all like to own – a perfect combination of design and functionality that embodies the Land Rover DNA and enables customers to be outdoors for longer, with the confidence to go further.”

If it’s something you’d like to own, the Explore phone with Adventure Pack costs £599 and will be available to order from 26 April. Rugged beard and Kendal Mint Cake are optional.

The Land Rover Explore has its own Twitter account, which you can follow here. Just don’t get lost on the way.

Full specifications:

  • 4,000m Ah battery plus add-on battery pack
  • IP68 splash, water and dust resistance
  • Drop-proof to 1.8 metres with factory-fitted screen protector
  • Premium grade, detailed off-road topographical mapping options from ViewRanger with Augmented Reality Skyline feature
  • In-box premium off-road mapping voucher, giving a choice of country-wide or custom region topographical maps in many markets.
  • Customisable outdoor dashboard to access the most important weather information, sensor data, and on-device tools for your activity: eg weather, wind, tides, compass, SOS light
  • Android Nougat OS, with scheduled upgrade to Oreo
  • 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, expandable via microSD
  • Deca-core 2.6GHz 64 bit MTK Helio X27 chipset with dual-SIM functionality
  • 16MP rear camera, 8MP front camera, 4x digital zoom
  • Bright five-inch FHD display, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protected, optimised for outdoor use
  • Touchscreen can be controlled with gloves on or with wet fingers
  • Night red filter mode reduces screen glare, preserving natural vision in low light and at night
  • LTE Cat 6
  • Curated apps and content catalogue relevant to outdoor pursuits
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