The Sun launches diesel driver compensation campaign

The-Sun-Pay-up-Diesel-WeaselsThe Sun has launched a campaign to seek compensation for drivers it says have been ‘seduced’ into buying diesels and who now face large fines as a result.

The ‘Pay up Diesel Weasels’ campaign is being backed by the RAC, the AA and the Road Haulage Association. It calls for the introduction of a scrappage scheme for non-Euro 6 diesels, giving drivers £2000 towards a new emissions-compliant car.

An online petition has been launched, demanding compensation for drivers who have been seduced into buying diesels – that’s around 11 million people, it claims, who were persuaded by favourable tax incentives.

In 2001, there were 1.6 million diesel cars on British roads; today, there are 11 million.

NOx trap: diesel driver taxes proposed

This week, Boris Johnson revealed proposals to charge diesel drivers in non-Euro 6 cars a £10 premium to enter the London Congestion Charge zone from 2020. Islington Council will also start targeting diesel drivers who don’t turn off their engines when stationary.

The Sun says there are 10 million cars, 3.3 million vans and 460,000 lorries on British roads that don’t meet Euro 6 standards.

Motor industry backing for Pay up Diesel Weasels campaign

The Sun’s campaign has received the backing of key motoring associations and groups. RAC technical director David Bizley said: “There’s a lot of merit in a scrappage scheme for older diesel vehicles. It could follow the previous one that offered £2,000 off the price of a new vehicle to drivers of diesel cars more than ten years old.

“But the Government also need to be able to say how they can help drivers who have recently bought diesel.”

AA president Edmund King said: “Scrappage was incredibly successful for cars and quite revenue-neutral due to its effect on the new car industry. A scrappage scheme could also target the gross polluters.”

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