Subaru BRZ

Subaru slashes price of BRZ

Subaru BRZSubaru has slashed the price of its BRZ by £2,500, meaning you can pick up a brand new example of the sports car for as little as £23,995.

The move comes ahead of the manufacturer’s return of the WRX STi next month.

The WRX STI will cost £4,000 less than its predecessor, starting at £28,995. Pricing it so keenly could’ve hit the already poor sales of the BRZ – with only 197 licensed on UK roads at the end of 2013 according to How Many Left, compared to 2,697 of the almost identical Toyota GT86.

The £23,995 price tag will bag you an SE Lux model (the only variant we get here in the UK) with manual transmission, while the automatic will set you back £25,495.

But will the reduced price tempt customers away from the Toyota GT86? With prices of the Toyota starting at £25,110 the Subaru must be a tempting proposition, however Subaru’s relative shortage of dealerships is likely to continue to put many customers off.

And, if you’re ordering a new Toyota GT86 through the company’s finance scheme at 4.9% APR, you can currently get £1,000 towards your deposit, meaning you can drive a GT86 for £379 a month following an upfront payment of £2,500.

Alternatively, why not hit the classifieds and look for a nearly new Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ? Auto Trader is currently showing prices for a 2012 Toyota GT86 starting from £16,900, while a used Subaru BRZ can be picked up from £17,697.

If these prices still aren’t within your reach, how about these budget alternatives we’ve found?

1994 Toyota MR2 GT – £980

2008 Mazda RX8 – £4,995

1997 Subaru SVX – £7,995


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