Family car trip

Most stressful minute into a long journey revealed

Family car tripFamilies travelling on a staycation will reach peak stress 1 hour 16 minutes into the journey, new research has revealed.

Insurance comparison site questioned more than 1,000 adults with children about staycations and discovered breaking point thus comes relatively early into the journey: more than 6 in 10 UK car holiday trips take three hours or more.

Topping the list of stress inducers is boredom, which beats arguments between siblings and the need for loo breaks; perhaps this is why 16% of parents admit they keep their children up late the night before a holiday drive in the hope they’ll sleep through the trip.

5% will even turn to (over-the-counter) drugs: Calpol is cited by some as a solution to induce sleep and reduce stress.

Note, Calpol for the children, not the parents.

A more sanguine 46% will load the car with tablet computers, smartphone chargers and video games to keep children entertained – meaning technology is a more populate cure for boredom than traditional games such as I-spy.

1 in 5 also say they still play the number plate game, although since the advent of the new-stye number plate in 2001, the threat of arguments over the exact rules is a risk many parents may wish to steer clear of.

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