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Start your Tesla with your phone – and 6 other cool new tricks

Tesla Model SOwning a Tesla Model S is a little bit like owning a smartphone. Throughout your ownership, Tesla will provide wireless updates to make sure it remains one of the coolest, most up-to-date cars on the road.

Version six of the update has now been released, and there’s some pretty trick stuff.

For a start, there’s remote start. This will let you start your Tesla on your phone through the official app. “Useful if you forget your key fob,” says the carmaker – but don’t worry, you’ll need a password.

To do this, you’ll also need to give your Tesla a name. We take it it’s to save confusion if you own more than one Tesla – presumably you’ll be able to choose options such as “start Teresa” and “start Thomas” in the app.

The navigation system has also been given a host of updates. It will now plot routes based on real-time traffic and calculate estimated travel times accordingly. Your car will even talk to other Teslas on the roads, so if they’re sat in traffic further up the motorway, yours will provide an alternative route.

Use your Tesla for commuting? You hopefully won’t need navigation then, as you’ll know the way to work. But the Model S will monitor traffic on your commute before you even leave home, so as soon as you start it’ll alert you to any problems, and guide you on the quickest route.

It’ll also now sync with your phone to show you your calendar on the large touchscreen. If you’ve already included locations on calendar entries, you can tell the car’s navigation system to take you there – rather than having to enter the details again.

One of the coolest features to be introduced in the latest updates is the location-based air suspension. If you have a steep driveway or regularly drive down a particularly bumpy road, you can tell your Tesla Model S (if it’s equipped with air suspension) to increase its ground clearance at the same place every time you drive there. Clever or what?

Finally, there’ll be a series of new power management options for the Model S – including an energy saving mode at night, as well as the option to automatically connect the mobile app to the car, while saving power.

What would you like to see on version seven?

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