Tractors: now legally faster

Speed limit for tractors goes UP

Tractors: now legally fasterTractors in Britain can now legally travel at 25mph, rather than the previous 20mph speed limit cap. 

The new speed limit comes with a boost in total combination weight for tractors and trailers – from 24.3 tonnes to 31 tonnes.

Transport minister Claire Perry said the changes “will allow tractors to carry more produce per journey, meaning less traffic on our roads, and almost £60 million savings for the hard-working farming community each year.”

The speed limit increase will thus save both time and money, she said.

Farmers will have to make fewer journeys, reducing the risk of accidents for farmers and other motorists alike.

It may not be the only speed limit boost for tractors, either: a second phase of changes by harvest 2016 may see further increases in speed and weight limits.

A higher speed limit for tractors comes after the government increased the speed limit for HGVs was increased last year to 50mph on rural roads and 60mph on dual carriageways.

The government also eschewed a cut in the speed limit from 70mph to 60mph on sections of the M1 and M3.

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