Sonic 7

Sonic Seven is a pint-sized Lotus for keen young drivers

Sonic 7

Ever feel bad that the kids miss out on all your motoring fun? Well, worry no more: Sonic Seven cars has you covered. And if you think this diminutive cart bears an uncanny resemblance to the Lotus Seven – and more recent Caterham Seven – you’re not far wrong.

The Sonic Seven, in the words of the company itself, “is the opportunity for your child to own a scaled-down version of the iconic Lotus Seven”.

Sonic 7

What about power? Will your little ones be out of puff from peddling? Absolutely not, with 100cc of 5.5hp single-cylinder Honda petrol engine, the Sonic 7 can reach up to 30mph. You can also limit it to less, if you so desire.

It’s a serious bit of kit, too, with four-point harnesses to keep the driver safely strapped in. And it’s adaptable, thanks to an adjustable pedal box that accounts for growing legs. It should fit children from 5-12 years old.

We don’t have a road test booked in yet, or indeed anyone on staff that could fit…

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