Someone defended lane hoggers and the internet got angry

Someone defended lane hoggers and the internet got angry

News broke yesterday that a man had been fined £940 for driving his van in the middle lane of the M62 motorway when the inside lane was free.

We asked Twitter users for their opinion and even went on BBC Radio 5 Live to talk about the issue…

…and the response was staggering. Everyone agreed with the penalty and thought lane hoggers are a big problem on UK roads.

We’re agreed then, lane hogging is very irritating and should be punished harshly. Er…

Here’s the guy who police and government wanted to make an example of over new motorway laws. Why are there 3 points for…

Posted by The Alliance of British Drivers on Monday, 22 June 2015

The Alliance of British Drivers, ‘Britain’s foremost campaigning group for drivers’ according to their Facebook page, is defending the van driver fined for lane hogging.

A lot of Facebook users aren’t impressed


Do you agree with the ABD that this driver has been treated unfairly? Or is he right to be made an example of? Comment below, tweet us @editorial_MR or post on our Facebook page.

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  • Shilts

    About bloody time…sick to the back teeth of people sitting in the middle lane. Refreshing to hear that the case has generated such a strong response, Use the fines generated to fix the potholes and clean up the garbage strewn alongside our roads and carriageways.
    I’d even contemplated, producing a voice activated rear window LED sign berating the moronic lazy useless middle lane drivers once I’d overtaken them…really winds me up.