Children in car

Smoking in cars with children set to be banned

Children in carSmoking in cars carrying children will become illegal from October 2015 under new legislation put forward by the government.

Under the new laws, adults who smoke in cars carrying under 18s will face a £50 fine.

The Department for Health has drawn up the new legislation, upon which MPs will vote early in the new year. If it is passed, it will become law from 1 October 2015.

There is expected to be little opposition: MPs already voted in favour of drawing up the new legislation in parliament earlier this year.

The new laws will see England become only the second country in the world to outlaw smoking in cars carrying children. Cyprus is the only other nation with a smoking ban in cars with youngsters.

The British Lung Federation says 430,000 children are exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke in cars each week.

Around 300,000 children are estimated to visit GPs with symptoms related to breathing in secondhand smoke.

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