This smartphone app will predict when your car is about to break down

Gone are the days of listening to unusual noises and desperately seeking warning signs that your car might be about to break down. A new plug-in device by MotorEasy will detect upcoming problems with your car and even direct you to nearby garages.

The gadget plugs into your car’s on board diagnostics port and communicates with an app on your phone, providing you with information such as your battery’s health, servicing information and any fault codes. It forms part of a new ‘plug-in warranty’ offered by MotorEasy.

As well as informing you about any impending faults, it can also search for nearby garages or arrange for your car to be collected for repair.

“Lots of people have warranties, which are great for offering protection against unwanted repair bills,” said MotorEasy founder,
Duncan McClure Fisher. “But now we’re able to help motorists avoid even getting to the stage where they need repairs because we can help them predict faults before they happen, using our on-board telematics technology.

“It’s the best of both worlds for the driver – heading off problems at the pass and protection if the worst does happen.”

Other highlights of the app include a ‘find my car’ feature and ‘driver behaviour scoring’, which uses telematics data to train you how to become a safer and more efficient driver.

The launch follows a similar connected car app which provides hidden information about your car’s history.

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