Is this the slowest motorway in the UK?

A stretch of motorway in Bristol is having average speed cameras installed, and they’re permanently set to hit drivers with fines if they stray over 40mph.

It’s part of a project to extend a bus lane along the M32 heading into Bristol, allowing a new express bus service, Metrobus, to be introduced.

South Gloucestershire Council’s head of transport, Chris Sane, told the BBC: “We will have much quicker, much more reliable journeys for Metrobus.”

The council says Metrobus will use a combination of segregated busways and bus lanes to provide fast and efficient public transport to people in the Bristol area.

The speed limits along the M32 are being imposed by Highways England. It will be reduced to 30mph while the work is carried out, before being increased to 40mph when the bus lane has been extended.

“It does still provide an essential function for people coming in to Bristol but it is important that we have speeds that are appropriate for the safety of road users,” added Sane.