slippery roads

Worried about slippery conditions? Go on a track day

slippery roads

With lower temperatures and slippery conditions on the horizon, driving experience provider is recommending skidpan training for UK motorists in preparation for winter.

According to Department of Transport figures, 5,495 accidents last year were directly related to slippery roads. Moreover, 1,244 accidents can be attributed to poor visibility in snow, sleet, rain or foggy conditions.

Trackdays reckons low-grip training and car control tuition can be part of the solution: “Many drivers tend to panic when going into a skid”, said Dan Jones, operations manager at the firm.

“One way to prepare for the deteriorating driving conditions over the coming months is by honing your skills on a skidpan”.

slippery roads

“In Sweden… skid control is part of driver training. Given last year’s particularly harsh winter and the Beast from the East, with some predictions that severe winters could become the norm, then perhaps Government should also consider making it mandatory in the UK for learner drivers.”

We think teaching best practice when control of a car is lost would be a good thing, slippery conditions or not. That way, fewer skids and slides would result in accidents.

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